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Professional Deck Cleaning and Staining for when your Raleigh Deck or Fence has seen better days. Most wood decks have problems with splinters, mold, popped up nails, and loose boards. If you don’t maintain a cleaning and staining regimen your wood deck will need to be replaced. Cary Deck Restoration services Raleigh and the surrounding areas and are Experts in power-washing and maintaining wood decks. Most of the Pressure Treated Decks we Clean and Stain last for many years.

With the average cost to build a New Deck around $22 a sqft it is important to maintain your wood deck. We recommend having it refinished every 2 years. Our No Hassle Express Maintenance we do every 2 years costs a lot less than a complete Deck Restoration. Our Oil based stains are far superior to the latex and water based stains that a lot of companies use, so they last much longer. We replace the woods natural oils with our stains similar to how a lotion restores moisture to your skin.    A Water Based Stain CANNOT do that!

                      Complete Deck Restoration

Cary Deck Restoration takes a completely different approach to Deck Cleaning and Staining. Pressure-Washing Companies use a 2 or 3 step processes that just cleans and stains. 

We use a "7 step process" for EVERY deck we do. Our Deck Cleaning and Staining process lasts longer than all of our competitors.

Our 7 Step Process:

  1. Deck Inspection – We first do an inspection of your deck framing, supports, railings, stairs, and deck boards.
  2. Deck Repairs – We fix any exposed nails , loose boards , unsafe railings, or whatever else is needed.
  3. Deck Cleaning – We use cleaners based on the condition and type of old finish.
  4. Deck Brightening – A brightening solution is applied to your deck to brighten the deck up and remove old stains.
  5. Deck Sanding – We sand EVERY deck we do. No matter how clean you get a deck the wood can always be smoother when sanded.
  6. Deck Staining – We use a variety of stain brands. We have found through our experience of refinishing thousands of decks some products work better on different decks and different environments.
  7. Advanced Maintenance Scheduling – We use over 10 factors to determine the recommended maintenance needed for your deck. Our automated scheduling system alerts you and us when it’s time to inspect the deck for maintenance.

Providing Deck Cleaning and Staining Services to Raleigh NC and surrounding cities.

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