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Ready Seal Deck Stain Review Raleigh Cary APex

Ready Seal Deck Stain Review Raleigh NC Cary Deck Restoration

We use a LOT of Ready Seal Deck Stain here in the Raleigh, Cary, Apex, Chapel Hill areas. If you search the internet for deck stain reviews you will likely have no shortage of opinions of what is the best deck stain. Ready Seal is a penetrating oil based semi transparent stain and sealer in one. Ready Seal is a paraffinic oil with finely ground  trans-oxide pigments (*gold color uses different pigment). At Cary Deck Restoration we use almost exclusively oil based stains. In our opinion water based stains do not condition the wood and almost always have a tendency to leave lap marks.

For decks and fences that are new or in very good condition Ready Seal is our choice every time. For our customers we recommend the medium colors - darker colors. The sun in NC is very bright and the lighter colors seem to fade out quicker, plus the newer decks don't absorb as much stain as older ones so the colors tend to be on the lighter side. We have our own unique process of applying Ready Seal that we have found makes the deck staining job last longer.

I have personally read online reviews of Ready Seal and have thoughts on why some people have had negative experiences.

  1. Wood Preparation - It is imperative the wood be cleaned and prepped properly. The manufacturer describes in detail how to prep a deck. You must do this!
  2. Wood moisture content - The wood has to be dry when you apply the product
  3. Mixing the product - A thorough mixing is necessary to ensure the pigment is 100% blended.
  4. Not Using Enough Product - Personally we ignore the coverage rates from the manufacturer. All wood is different and requires different amounts. Our Company puts down as much as the wood will take. You cannot leave any puddling.
  5. Rain - If it rains directly after application the deck will likely need a light recoat.

This is not meant to be a how to manual on how to stain a deck with Ready Seal or a technical review. Our other primary stain we use is TWP. It is hard to generally advise which stain is better for a deck, which is why we don't make a decision until we see a deck and go through our analysis and inspection process. Ready Seal Company

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