IPE Deck Staining Raleigh NC Project-1301

Ipe Deck Staining and Upgrade in Raleigh

These Raleigh homeowners called us out to discuss refinishing their Ipe hardwood deck. They had tried to clean the Ipe deck before but it never looked "finished". We have cleaned, sanded, and stained hundreds of Ipe decks so that was pretty straightforward. The biggest problem I noticed was with the deck railing being standard pressure treated wood. I knew there would be this furniture grade finish on the floor but the railing would look out of place.

We recommended upgrading the balusters on the railings and painting everything but the floor a solid color brown. This brings the attention to the floor where it should be. We hand brushed 3 coats or our premium deck oil on Ipe deck. I always get excited seeing hte outcome of every Ipe deck staining job we do. When we got done the homeowner was amazed how much better this looks.

This is what sets Cary Deck Restoration apart from other companies. We know what looks good, how to achieve optimum results for a reasonable price, and we get things done. The added cost for the upgraded balusters are maintenance free and make this Raleigh Ipe deck staining look so good.

Decorator Balusters