Composite Boat Dock Upgrade

Lakeside Living in the heart of Lochmere Cary on a Trex Composite Boat Deck


Trex Composite Boat Dock in Cary NC

These Lochmere homeowners were not sure what to do with the aging boat dock that was starting to get dangerous. They met with Bob from Cary Deck Restoration for ideas on what to do. After a quick meeting the issues were identified and the customers desires were put on paper. It was clear, a Trex Composite Boat Dock was the needed solution.

Problem-1 Current dock was 2 levels. This caused accidental tripping and limited the useable space.  Solution - Reframe subfloor to be 1 level.

Problem-2 Condition of the wood was awful, nails sticking up, splinters, gaps in the wood. It was just not enjoyable to be on it. Solution - We discussed both a wood floor replacement and a Trex composite boat dock floor. While the Trex certainly is more expensive up front there are enormous advantages of going to Trex. It stays like new for a long time (25 year warranty), very low maintenance, NO Splinters, and just is nice to be on.

Problem-3 The homeowners like to kayak but getting down into the kayak was difficult from the height. Solution - During the re-framing we just built a step into the front of the dock so she could easily slide into the kayak while it was on the water.

In the several days we were working on this job the interesting thing was I didn't notice that many people down on their docks. Most of the docks on the lake were in the same beat up condition. Having grown up on the water this surprised me. About a month after we finished the project the homeowners called us back to install boat cleats on the dock for the new pontoon boat they were about to buy. During the nice weather they are down at that dock almost every evening and never have a shortage of neighbors over to enjoy a sunset cruise on the lake.

I am certain if these homeowners ever look to sell their home this composite boat dock will be a real asset. We are seeing more and more homeowners spend money on outdoor living for their homes instead of traveling. Just think about how much time you spend at home, you deserve to enjoy it to the fullest. Whether you live on a lake in Raleigh, Cary, Lake Gaston, or on the water in Wilmington, call us today to discuss building your deck or boat dock with Trex Composite Decking.

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