Chapel Hill NC Deck Restoration

The owner of this Chapel Hill deck had the deck refinished 4 times in the past 4 years because it kept peeling. A lot of times a deck cleaning and deck staining just doesn't last. We decided to do a full deck restoration on it.

When we inspected this Chapel Hill deck we found the following problems.
1. Years of multiple layers of solid stain and paint on the decking boards.
2. Some of the decking was literally 6 inches above the dirt. These areas had moisture contents of 20%-32%, which is way to high for any paint or stain to stay on.
3. The original Chapel Hill builder of this deck did not properly space some of the boards resulting in water puddling and eventually "blowing" the covering off.

Luckily this Chapel Hill homeowner was referred to us and we solved all these issues.
1. We chemically stripped as much of the stains and paints off the deck that we could. We then prepared the floor for a power sanding by counter sinking all the nails and screws. We took the deck back to bare wood.
2. We also took this Chapel Hill deck back to bare wood then applied an epoxy waterproofing product to ensure no ground moisture could reach the surface where the Stain will be applied.
3. We use a special saw that allows us to cut gaps between the boards allowing them to drain and breathe.

How to prevent deck paint peeling in the future?

1. All loose paint or deck stain has to be removed. This can be done with a chemical stripping or a mechanical sanding process. Often times we use both.

2. The surface must be clean, PH balanced, and roughed up to provide a good bond.

3. When we do solid stains or paints we always prime the surface first with oil based primer.

4. A minimum of 2 coats of solid deck stain or deck paint.

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