Cary NC Pool Deck Upgrade

This Cary Homeowner originally called in Cary Deck Restoration to give them a price to strip and re stain their existing deck. After years of applying a Cabot Acrylic SPF stain the coating had gotten so built up that stripping was just not cost efficient. Our suggestion to the homeowner was to:

1. Resurface the floors. (commercial floor deck sanding took the flooring down to bare wood)

2. Remove the existing railings and replace with new 6x6 posts and a combination of wood and metal decorator balusters.

3. Prime and Paint the new railings, lattice, and skirting a bright white to match the house trim.

4. Apply a non form filming oil penetrating sealer/stain.

This solution makes this massive deck look like it is part of the house and has a more refined look. The homeowners were thrilled and saved over $10,000 by doing an upgrade vs a complete teardown and rebuild.

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