Apex NC Trex Composite Decking Restoration

Normally we upgrade from wood-to-composite decking, but in this case we removed this old Apex Trex Composite deck and installed pressure treated wood. This was basically an above ground pool that was installed below grade to appear like an in-ground pool.

The problems with the Old Trex deck were mostly due to improper installation:

  • The framing wasn't properly spaced which didn't provide enough stability for the Trex Decking which caused it to Bow. Most composite decking requires 16in on center for perpendicular placement and 12in for diagonal installations.
  • The Trex deck boards were not properly spaced (side by side spacing) which caused them to press against each other and made them buckle. This also created no opportunity for the decking to breathe which resulted in the frequent black mold spots on the Trex Decking.

The Solution Cary Deck Restoraiton provided:

  • Remove all the existing Trex Decking and dispose of.
  • Reinforce and add additional fastening hardware to make framing more stable.
  • Install premium Cox Pressure Treated decking, screwed down with premium coated screws.
  • Clean and Sand new Deck Flooring in preparation for staining.
  • Stained and Sealed new Wood Decking Floor.
  • Adjusted and cemented gate posts for proper function.


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