Raleigh Painting Contractor get’s serious

raleigh painting contractorSince the inception of Cary Deck Restoration our focus has been DECKS. We started out building decks and refinishing decks. We started getting so busy cleaning and staining decks we could hardly keep up, and times when the weather wouldn't cooperate we would get 4-5 weeks behind at times.

Over the last several years we have noticed more and more of our customers asking for additional services like house painting, pergolas, outdoor kitchens, and most things around outdoor living. We would simply refer them to other contractors in the area. After several disappointing experiences we were forced to rethink how we would handle these requests. The final straw was a customer that lived in a really nice area in Raleigh asked for a painting referral, so we gave her a name of a local painter we knew about. After the painting job was done we happened to be back servicing 2 of the 6 Ipe hardwood decks on the back of their house. I asked how the painting went and although the homeowner was happy with the quality when I asked about the price I was shocked. It was probably several thousand dollars over the industry standard for this area. We never have and never will over charge a customer based on "what neighborhood" they live in.

After that experience we happened to run into some small painters that did some work for us and we decided to partner and create a new company. Raleigh Paint Restoration . This new venture will be doing Interior and Exterior house painting as well as Commercial work. After years of learning how to maintain and care for wooden decks which take a beating in this NC climate we are overly prepared to provide premium painting services.

This new venture allows us provide full service to our customers.

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