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 Deck Repair services Raleigh NC


Unfortunately Deck Repair WILL be necessary for all wood decks at some point.. We see a lot of decks in the Raleigh area that were built during the 80’s making them over 30 years old. Most deck refinishing companies are not able to make necessary repairs, and most deck builders aren't interested in small jobs. Part of every deck restoration we do includes a thorough inspection to identify any problems. Once we identify those problems we make the necessary repairs.

Our 7 step restoration process includes a complete inspection and repairs. Being both a deck builder and deck restoration company allows us to be your one stop for all Deck Services. 

Emergency Deck Repair Services Available – Call 919 355-8064

Common Repair Services include:


  • Loose deck boards – We use high quality fasteners that don’t pop up like cheap nails a lot of deck builders use.
  • Damaged Wood – If it’s not that bad we can sand wood to remove damaged area. On bad boards we just replace the wood.
  • Rotted Posts – Unfortunately pressure treated wood can rot, especially on direct ground contact. We support the deck then remove rotted post and replace with new ones.
  • Loose Framing – Sometimes joists loosen up, ledger boards pull away from house, and the framing twists and turns.
  • Loose and Unsafe railings – Old deck codes and poor workmanship create situations where deck railings are loose, not safe, or just don’t look good anymore. We can repair or replace.
  • Move Deck Stairs or Unsafe Stairs – We can relocate stairs, replace stairs, or repair stairs.
  • Standing Water – Some deck builders do not properly gap decking boards which causes them to not have proper gaps between them. This prevents water and snow from draining and allowing the wood to breathe. We use special saws to cut gaps between the boards fixing the problem.  
  • Tree and Storm Damage – From Trees or branches hitting decks or other storm damage, we can make all repairs.

It is important to know and understand local building codes. We always build and repair to code plus standards. We overbuild everything we do which is probably why we never have problems passing inspections.

City of Raleigh Deck Building Codes      

Deck Repair for most Wake County cities, including: Raleigh, Cary, Apex, Morrisville, Durham, Chapel Hill, Fuquay Varina, Holly Springs, Wake Forest